Used Peugeot 206 (1998 - 2009) Comfort

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Last Updated: 12 Mar 2014
Thanks to its stylish lines and youthful image the 206 has proved a big hit. Easy to drive with light controls, it is ideal for tackling urban routes and although some of the engines are a little lethargic, it's happy pottering along the motorway too.

2.5 out of 5


Most of the engines in the 206 are loud, not helped by the obvious lack of noise insulation while there's intrusive wind noise at higher speed. It certainly doesn't feel very refined. The lack of support in the front seats can make longer journeys tiring and the cramped driving position doesn't help comfort either - it's certainly not a car that is designed for long motorway journeys.

On the plus side rear passenger space isn't bad for a car of this size, but when compared to newer rivals it seems quite cramped.

3.5 out of 5


With 237 litres of luggage space the 206 is average compared to other small cars - although the Ford Fiesta and its big rival the Renault Clio both offer more. The boot itself is a good shape though and the split folding rear seats means it's possible to carry larger items. Folding them boosts space to a useful 1,100 litres but up front there's only limited storage.

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How does the boot space compare?

261 litres
252 litres
Peugeot 206 (98-09)
237 litres
205 litres
2 out of 5

Behind the wheel

While the exterior styling has aged well, the same cannot be said of the interior. The layout is fairly neat with a nice information screen on top of the dash but the scratchy plastics, unsupportive seats and the odd rattle do little to instil confidence in longevity and durability. But the biggest bugbear is the awful driving position. The pedals are too close together and the steering wheel is too far from the driver and sits at an odd angle.

There's a lack of storage too.