Volkswagen Touran (2015 -) Comfort

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Last Updated: 20 Apr 2016
The Volkswagen Touran has been a hugely successful car for the German firm with over 1.9 million having found homes worldwide, and just under 100,000 of those were sold in the UK.

4 out of 5


Volkswagen Touran comfort levels are very good.

Whichever trim you decide to buy, there will be a range of comfort features on offer designed to make life easier when out on the road like air-con, heated seats, blinds for the rear windows, a cooled glovebox and automatic wipers and lights.

There are bigger, more spacious seven-seaters available to buy than the Volkswagen Touran if you’re planning to use all seven seats regularly, such as the SEAT Alhambra, Ford S-Max and the Touran’s sister car, the Sharan. That said, because of the individual seat adjustments available you will be able to easily accommodate a mix of adults and children over longer journeys for legroom, although the third row will be more suited to children or young teenagers.

The new Touran is longer than the model it’s replacing and as a result interior space has improved. Headroom is especially good throughout and the suspension did a good job of soaking up the potholes and bumps in the road, although in the third row it can get a bit bouncy over speed humps.

For those in the front the seats are comfortable and supportive and feature a higher seated position, the second row seats can be adjusted lengthwise and the backrest can be inclined too for a more relaxing position. Heated rear seats for the first time are also available as an option.

A new three-zone automatic climate control system is available as an option too which includes new filtering technology designed to help improve air quality further and stop allergens like pollen from entering the cabin.

Connectivity is an important part of today’s world and the Touran comes equipped with all the latest technology including Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and MirrorLink systems, the USB is also usefully located for charging your smartphone and there are a number of power sockets around the car so other passengers can also charge their devices on the move, you can also fasten tablets on the front headrests.

The cabin is light and airy, even more so if you opt for the panoramic sunroof and wind and road noise is kept to a minimum thanks to the good overall sound insulation.

4.5 out of 5


As seven-seaters go, Volkswagen Touran practicality levels are very good indeed. The car is loaded with features which will make life with the family easier and there are up to 47 cubbies and storage solutions on offer so you’ll always be able to find somewhere to store your personal items on the move.

When all seven seats are in place, unsurprisingly boot space is on the small side with only 137 litres available - this will just about accommodate two small suitcases if positioned correctly. Collapse the third row and space expands to 743 litres and if you’re planning some DIY work then the 1,857 litres of space on offer when you fold flat the second row should prove very useful. If the Touran is equipped with keyless entry and an electric tailgate then you can also open the boot with your foot by waving it under the bumper. Another useful feature is the boot light which can be removed and used as a torch if needed.

Folding the rear seats is easy thanks to the Touran's new variable fold flat system either in the boot for the third row or by a lever on the second row seats, all five rear seats can be folded separately too and the second row seats can slide forwards to give those in the third row more legroom.

Parking the car is made easier if you opt for the parking sensors and Park Assist systems available as standard on higher trims and if you’re planning on towing a caravan or trailer, we’d thoroughly recommend the Trailer Assist system to make manoeuvring into parking spaces much easier.

A new key feature for the Touran is the ability to fit a Go Pro camera in the car which can be displayed on the multimedia touchscreen so you can see what’s happening in the back at all times without having to turn around while driving. To keep the kids entertained you can also specify a Travel and Comfort system which gives you the base to place tablets behind the front seat headrests so the children can watch films while on the move.

One other useful feature is the electronic voice amplification which means the driver can communicate easily with the second and third row occupants by using the cars in-car microphones and speaker systems.

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4 out of 5

Behind the wheel

Slip behind the wheel of the Volkswagen Touran and you’ll be greeted by a functional and well put-together interior. It’s not the most exciting or luxurious cabin you will ever sit behind but the materials are durable and if you move up equipment grades, more detailing is introduced which brightens things up a bit.

The Touran’s dash has been redesigned with a more driver-orientated layout and the centre console is easy to navigate around. If you’ve driven any of the latest generation of Volkswagen cars you’ll be in familiar territory here.

It’s simple to find a good seating position and visibility is good thanks to the elevated driver and front passenger seat. The materials used around the cabin are of good quality and look easy to clean, which should withstand most of what family life has to throw at it.

There are several power sources littered around the cabin and the USB port in the front is conveniently located.

The steering wheel is easily adjusted too and mounted with controls and the trip computer displays all of the essential information for the driver.