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What is AdBlue and why does your diesel car have it?

The pursuit of lower emissions is a fierce one, and manufacturers are going to great lengths to reduce their cars’ impact on the environment. AdBlue is the answer to a particular area of concern - nitrogen oxide emissions. Euro 6 emissions...

02 May 2017

Best 11 family cars for cheap car tax

Running a family car means keeping a tight rein on costs is key but it’s important not to sacrifice practicality. Car tax is currently based on CO2 emissions, so the cleaner your car the less you’ll pay. So here are 11 family cars for cheap car tax -...

01 February 2017

2017 SEAT Ibiza

2017 SEAT Ibiza: All you need to know

SEAT has unveiled its fifth-generation Ibiza, and very sharp it looks, too. It takes elements of the Ateca and Leon's design, and scales them down for the super-competitive small hatchback market currently dominated by the Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen...

31 January 2017

Four generations of SEAT Ibiza

Essential Ibiza: a history of SEAT’s small hatchback

To coincide with the launch of the 2017 SEAT Ibiza we've gone back through the history books to give you our quick-fire guide to the history of SEAT's popular small hatchback. From arrow-straight styling and unusual indicators to the Cupra...

31 January 2017

Dash camera

What is a dash-cam?

Dash-cams record video footage of the road ahead while you're driving, and are commonly fitted to give the driver peace of mind in the event of an incident, and to protect you against false claims. What are dash-cams for? There are several types of...

27 January 2017

Deal watch: the week’s top cash and finance offers

Choosing the right car for your needs is a big enough challenge, but how do you know that you’re getting the best deal? Well, we’ve done the hard work and fished out some of the best-value offers available this week – for those with cash to splash...

27 January 2017

Cars for twins and toddler

14 great cars for transporting twins and a toddler

Buying a new car is often top of the list of things to do before a new baby arrives.  If you already have a toddler and you’re expecting twins, the subject of which family car you should buy becomes vital.  Family cars for twins and a...

26 January 2017

What is voice control?

Voice control allows the driver to operate a car’s functions through speaking instructions instead of using the physical buttons on the dashboard. How does it work? In most cars where voice recognition is fitted, there’s a button on the steering...

26 January 2017

Car repossession

What is outstanding finance?

Outstanding finance refers to the amount of money which is still owed on a vehicle. The registered keeper is liable for the remaining balance and the car will be owned by the finance company until this is paid off. How does it affect me? If you buy a...

20 January 2017

Buying car online

Should I buy a car online or at the dealer?

Traditionally, car buying has been viewed as a trip to various dealers. You test-drive a variety of vehicles, before deciding on your favourite, then haggling in the showroom and parting with a wad of cash. But are those days behind us? For many...

19 January 2017

Best ten small economical 4x4s

While you’re unlikely to see a tall SUV with a heavy four-wheel drive system winning awards for fuel economy, 4x4s aren’t anywhere near as expensive to run as they used to be. Pick wisely and you’ll find that small modern all-wheel drive cars can be...

18 January 2017

Top ten cheap fast new cars

Performance cars don't have to be cripplingly expensive. There are plenty of examples around which cost less than you might think, both to buy and in terms of how much they cost to run. Here are some of our favourites cheap fast brand-new cars,...

18 January 2017

Audi daytime running lights

What are daytime running lights?

Daytime running lights (or DRLs) automatically switch on with the vehicle’s engine and are designed to operate during daytime hours. They are compulsory on all newly-designed cars and most other types of road-legal vehicles. How do they...

17 January 2017

Cross-traffic alert

What is cross-traffic alert?

Cross-traffic alert uses sensors to monitor and alert drivers to any passing traffic in their blindspot when emerging out of a parking space. How does it work? When pulling out of a parking space (usually reversing), cross-traffic alert uses sensors...

16 January 2017

Beat Blue Monday with these 8 cars to make you smile

Blue Monday - January 16 2017 - is apparently the most depressing day of the year.  Whether it‘s due to impending Christmas credit card bills, Dry January meaning you can’t indulge in a cheery pint, or the weather likely to be rubbish, today is...

16 January 2017

Fiat Chrysler emissions: what you need to know

While the Volkswagen ‘dieselgate’ emissions scandal rumbles on, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a notice to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) regarding emissions-cheating software. What is FCA being accused of? The notice issued...

13 January 2017

Driverless cars: everything you need to know

While they are not yet on sale to the public pending some major legal and ethical wrangling between governments and car companies, the technology to build self-driving cars is very close to becoming a viable possibility. And in fact, this robotic car...

13 January 2017

What is an MPV (multi-purpose vehicle)?

MPV is short for multi-purpose vehicle – a type of car generally favoured by families due to a more practical interior than a regular hatchback's, often coming in five- and seven-seat forms. Range of sizes Smaller MPVs – sometimes based on superminis...

12 January 2017

VW facing legal action from UK motorists over dieselgate

VW facing legal action from UK motorists over dieselgate

In the latest twist in the Volkswagen ‘dieselgate’ emissions scandal, a group of UK motorists are bringing legal action against the carmaker. The proceedings are a claim for compensation by owners of diesel vehicles – including those made by Audi,...

12 January 2017

Winter driving guide. Credit: Getty Images

Winter driving - your ultimate guide

The nights have drawn in, the clocks have gone back and temperatures have dropped. Winter’s here but life doesn’t stop, so here’s a handy guide to everything you need to know about winter driving. There are many things you can do to prepare both...

12 January 2017