Parkers overall rating: 4.4 out of 5 4.4
  • Virtual Cockpit reduces driver distraction
  • A tactile delight with quality materials
  • Comfort and control placement near perfection

How is the quality and layout?

Lifted from the A4 Saloon and A4 Avant ranges, the dashboard of the A5 Coupe is head and shoulders above its competition in terms of quality of materials, fit-and-finish and ergonomics. That’s a strong statement, but one that can be easily backed up – all of the buttons and controls feel substantial and pleasing to use; particularly the touch-sensitive climate control panel. The layout is simple, but layered in a way that groups things together to make them easy to find.

You sit quite low, which befits the coupe body shape, and it’s easy to get everything set up the way you like thanks to a highly adjustable driver’s seat and plenty of reach and rake for the steering wheel.

Subtle alterations for the RS 5

Leaving the majority of the interior alone, there are a couple of RS 5 logos, and Racing Aluminium or carbonfibre trim to enhance the sportier ethos. The steering wheel is a chunky, flat-bottomed leather affair that feels great; it’s sporty, but also luxurious. Even with the suspension in the firmest Dynamic setting, and a rapid pace on imperfect roads, there’s an absence of rattles around the cabin.

Spec the optional large sunroof and it’s a delightfully airy interior for a low-slung high-performance car.

Is it comfortable?

  • Highly adjustable sports seats
  • Front of cabin feels spacious for a coupe
  • Rear seats generous but lack legroom

Crunching motorway miles in an Audi A5 Coupe is a relaxing and quiet experience, with little wind, tyre or engine noise infiltrating the cabin. The seats up front are large and supportive, particularly the optional sports versions and the extra-bolstered chairs found in the S5 and RS 5. Spec them with a massage function and you’re unlikely to be disappointed – it’s not as comprehensive a treatment as those in the Audi A8 Saloon, but there’s enough movement to mitigate any back pain.

Ride quality is very good, even on broken surfaces, with lumps and bumps absorbed by the well-judged set-up.

A relaxing performance coupe

Migrate to the RS 5 and you would expect the levels of comfort to be sacrificed for ability. The sports seats offer an exceptional range of adjustment in spite of their racing bucket appearance, and ultimately there’s no compromise here. As with the S5, the seats include heating and massage modes with optional rear seat heating, and with the car in comfort mode it’s a serene place to spend hours in search of the best roads.

The small fuel tank does impact the range though, so although it’s well suited to long-distance touring you’ll make frequent fuel stops.