Parkers overall rating: 4.8 out of 5 4.8
  • Attractive but busy cockpit
  • Typically excellent Audi fit and finish
  • Impressive tech on offer

The A6’s cockpit is a lovely place to be. Like the A7 and A8, there’s a twin-screen infotainment system named MMI Touch that reserves the upper screen for navigation, media and vehicle controls, with the lower being used for seating and ventilation switches.

The system benefits from user-sourced traffic data from mapping specialists to give you the best route, plus there’s the option for remote parking in bays or your own garage, and the ability to use an Android smartphone as your car key.

While undoubtedly impressive in its list of features, we were disappointed on the initial launch with a sat-nav that often delivered instructions so late we missed our turning.

Lesser details in the A6’s cabin include illuminated seatbelt sockets, textured wood veneers, a newer generation of Audi’s Virtual Cockpit digital instrument display and a chunky automatic gear selector.

Voice control is a key feature here too, with Audi’s latest cloud-assisted natural-language database employed to make things as simple as possible. We think this is great news, because the twin-screen set-up takes a bit of getting used to.

It’s worth noting here that unlike BMW’s, the head-up display in the A6 doesn’t display properly if you’re wearing polarised sunglasses. It’s still there, but so dim it’s barely useable.

How comfortable is it?

  • Excellent seat comfort 
  • Impressive refinement 
  • Comfy ride, air suspension fidgety

This is one of the A6 Saloon’s strongest points. The front seats we’ve sampled have been excellent, with a huge range of adjustability and great support. We’ve only tried cars with optional double-glazed windows, so naturally you’d expect it’s quiet in the cabin, but even still we were impressed with how isolated we felt from the outside world. Test drive models with and without the double-glazing before you decide whether to spec it as an option.

None of the engines are particularly loud inside the car, which is another plus point, and there’s acres of room for four adults to get comfortable. In all, it's a very quiet and serene place to be, but the suspension setup can affect how comfortable the ride is.

Normally, air suspension boosts comfort, but in combination with larger alloy wheels, the A6 can be fidgety and unsettled. It's particularly noticeable on poorly surfaced roads when the A6 can take a while to regain its composure. Overall, though, it's an option we'd strongly consider, but remember it won't add much to the A6's overall value when it comes to sell it on.