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Parkers overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 4.5

Miles per pound (mpp) Miles per pound (mpp)

Reliable fuel consumption data for comparison purposes is not available for this model.

Fuel economy

A more stringent standard for fuel economy (WLTP) was introduced from September 2017, and this model was not required to undergo that test. Its fuel economy measured under the previous test system was 16 - 17 mpg. However these figures are less likely to be achievable in real world driving and so should never be compared to another car's mpg which was measured under the newer, more realistic WLTP system.

Running a Bentley will be expensive. Even those with the money to afford a £130,000 car like the GTC must grimace when they think of how much it costs to run. The combined fuel consumption of 17mpg is bad enough but it’s the 11mpg town figure that better represents what you’ll manage in regular use. The group 20 insurance rating is no cause for merriment either although at least it only needs servicing every 10,000 miles to maintain three year unlimited mile warranty.

Saving grace of this model perhaps is that the Speed version, which has 50bhp and 73lb-ft more than the GTC with the standard engine is that it is no less efficent despite the extra performance.

As products of the Volkswagen empire, all Bentley’s must undergo the same strict quality control tests as their stablemates, Audi and Lamborghini, with the result that the GTC has a good reputation for quality. The only worry is over bodged aftermarket tuning kits which boost the W12’s power but can burn out pistons.

Ongoing running costs

Road tax (12 months) £620 - £630
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Insurance group Not available
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