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Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

Buying new

This model is expected to sell in limited numbers – around 4,000 sales are expected in a full year in the UK. For that reason you may find there’s a bit of a delay when ordering a new car.

Deals will be few and far between but it is worth checking with a broker if you are not fussed about exterior colour or the amount of options on the car.

Buying used

Before you purchase your used 3 Series GT, take out a full Parkers history check to find out if there’s any hidden history you might not like. Also check for wear and tear in the boot.

Loading and unloading sports equipment or prams may have damaged the upholstery or carpets – be sure to have a good look over the car before buying.


Selling BMW 3 Series GT models should be painless experience. Like most BMW models it will be a sought-after car. When telling a prospective buyer about the car, major on its strengths, including its practicality rather than outright sportiness.

Advertise the car in specialist publications and BMW forums and you are likely to create interest and potential buyers for your model.

If you have the full service history with receipts for any work you are more likely see a quick sale.

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