BMW 3-Series Touring: Quality touches

Details that create an impression

Most facelifts tend to be little more than an excuse to remarket a car when very little has actually changed. The design touches, though, can really enhance a car's appeal and BMW claims it puts a lot of time and effort into the design.

What's new, is the more futuristic-looking LED rear lights, the central crease-line on the bonnet and all-black exterior window surrounds on the windows. On the inside, there are fewer changes. You still get the sweeping lines of the door handles, the brushed-finished alloy inlays and push-release cup holders.

While it isn't new, it does show a lot of attention to detail. Neat touches also abound - I particular like the key fob that push-clicks into place in the dashboard when you press the start button for the ignition.

The optional leather interior does really add a luxury touch but at £1,240 it isn't cheap. The light tan colour contrasts nicely with the deep blue body colour, but keeping it clean requires regular attention. Not good news if you have young kids.

What doesn't feel quality though, is the run-flat tyres that come as standard. While they do save the hassle of having to change a wheel immediately at the roadside (plus you get useful cubby holes in the boot), the ride can prove jarring especially on bumpy back roads. This isn't fun if you have a child trying to have a drink and ends up with a slug of it down themselves.

Current mileage: 8741

Average mpg: 47.6