Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

The Z4 has a relatively simple but distinctive interior design that adds to the sense of good feeling it offers and visibility is acceptable from the driver’s seat, despite the relatively small rear screen. The driving position feels pleasingly sporty, but when it’s dark and rainy the low seating position and long nose make it feel less manageable and harder to judge when parking or attempting three-point turns.

Build quality is excellent though and all the controls and switches are clearly laid out.

The Z4 Coupe is a two seater with a cosy cabin and although there’s decent room for either occupant it can quickly start to feel claustrophobic on long journeys. Thankfully the supportive electric seats are multi-adjustable as is the steering wheel. The ride copes well on long distances (as long as the roads are smooth and the traffic free flowing) but the firm suspension soon highlights poorly surfaced roads.