Prices rise for new Mazda 6

  • Prices for upgraded Mazda 6 range rise by average of 4.8%
  • Reduced emissions, improved fuel economy and subtle mods
  • Cheaper VED and company car tax bills

The upgraded Mazda 6 is now available in dealer showrooms complete with exterior and interior changes, improved fuel economy but with an increase in price.

The 19-strong range features a choice of six engines (three petrol and three diesel) and four equipment levels - S, TS, TS2, and Sport. It's available as a hatchback and estate only because the saloon body style and the Sports Luxury derivative are no longer available in the UK. A Sport 2.0-litre petrol model with Mazda's five-speed automatic transmission has been introduced to the line-up.

Mazda says the refresh has improved fuel economy by up to 6.4% and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by up to 6.1%. Although that means lower road tax it's priced from £16,995 to £23,445 - an average increase of 4.8%.

Engine tweaks have mostly yielded more power. A new two-litre petrol now delivers 153bhp (up from 145bhp), while the lower powered 2.2-litre diesel generates more power and torque - up 3bhp to 128bhp and up 20Nm to 340Nm at 1,800rpm.

The highest power 2.2-litre diesel now produces 178bhp (down 4bhp) but modifications to the turbocharger boost torque delivery. Performance remains the same.

Fuel economy has improved by 3.2% (petrol) and 4.1% (diesel) and CO2 emissions are down by 4.4% (petrol) and 4.8% (diesel). These improvements move many models into a lower tax band.

The 2.0-litre petrol's CO2 emissions are down 10g/km to 161g/km and the hatchback down 9g/km to 159g/km putting it in the 20% car tax bracket for 2010/11. The 2.0-litre diesel's emissions are down from 147g/km to 138g/km putting this model in the 19% company car tax bracket in 2010/11.

All estate diesel model CO2 emissions are now below 150g/km to help offset the April 2010 5g/km increases in company car tax thresholds and rises in VED rates on cars with emissions of 151g/km and above.

The benefit-in-kind tax bills have been trimmed by up to £4.67/ £9.35 (for a 20%/40% taxpayer), and now span from a low of £53.15 to a high of £182.2 for a 40% taxpayer.

Upgraded equipment for the new Mazda6 encompasses 'smart' turn indicators and Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) for all models. Additional extras include: rear spoiler (TS upwards); front and rear parking sensors and Hill Hold Assist (TS2 upwards), and swivel‑type AFS front lights (Sport).

The Japanese manufacturer expects to sell 10,500 new Mazda 6 models in the UK - a rise of approximately 1,500 units compared with last year - with 72% destined for fleet buyers.