Subaru offers comprehensive aftersales package

  • Subaru offers new three-year aftersales service
  • Minor dents up to £1,000 will be repaired for free
  • Potential benefits worth £7,000 for £300 a year

Subaru is upping the aftersales ante with its new three-year aftercare package that covers the cost of minor bodywork repairs, lost keys, valeting, alloy wheel repairs, wheel alignment and even winter wheel and tyre storage.

The appropriately titled ‘Everything Taken Care of’ package will cost Subaru buyers £300 for three years. The Japanese company says it offers potential benefits worth more than £7,000.

In total, the package comprises 11 different elements with each of the services provided free of charge. It includes:

  • Minor dent and scratch repairs
  • Alloy wheel repairs
  • Monthly wash ‘n’ vac
  • Full valet
  • Lost keys replacement
  • Service collection and delivery
  • Annual wheel alignment check
  • First MOT cover (and contribution to repairs)
  • Accident management service
  • Insurance excess cover contribution
  • Winter wheel and tyre storage

These benefits can also be passed on to subsequent owners of the vehicle and it will be offered in addition to Subaru’s three-year/60,000-mile manufacturer’s warranty, 12-year anti-corrosion bodyshell cover and three-year paintwork warranty, and also lasts for three years.

Marketing Director of Subaru UK, Kenyon Neads, said: “Totally free with every new Subaru, this innovative – and we believe industry leading programme – is a package of services and promises, specifically designed to complement the lifestyle of the typical Subaru buyer and to enhance the car ownership experience – year after year.” 

Specifically, the package provides free minor dent and scratch repair worth up to £1,000 per year over three years (up to £3,000 in total) and alloy wheel repairs worth up to £1,000 for the same period. It also includes a four-wheel alignment check once a year and the cost of the first MOT, and if the car fails the test up to £300 will be provided to rectify problems. Interestingly, the deal includes storage of tyres and wheels when owners switch to winter tyres.

The package also offers a 24-hour accident management service that will organise a courtesy car, liaise with the insurer and make sure the car is repaired by approved Subaru technicians. It will also cover the cost of any excess on the Subaru owner’s insurance policy, up to £300 per year, for three years.

Those who take up the offer also get free ‘wash and vac’ every month, for 11 months each year and for three years as well as one free full valet.

If Subaru buyers lose their keys a replacement set will be supplied free, once per year to the value of £350 for the three-year period and when they need to get the car serviced Subaru will collect and return the vehicle to the owner’s office or home within a 25-mile radius of the dealership for free.