Major Volkswagen recall announced

  • 60,000 vehicles in the UK are affected
  • Potential problems with DSG gearbox
  • Tiguan 4x4 subject to headlight issues

Volkswagen has issued a recall of 2.6 million vehicles worldwide over reliability concerns. It is one of the biggest recalls in the company’s history.

The recall relates to potential problems with the company’s seven-speed DSG automatic gearbox fitted to various models, along with faulty headlight systems on the Tiguan off-roader and leaking fuel lines on the Amarok pick-up truck.

Some Audi, Skoda and SEAT models are also affected as they carry the same components. In the UK, 60,000 cars are affected in total. Many more have been recalled overseas, particularly in China.

The gearbox issues relate to electrical faults which may occur in slow traffic in hot weather. It can be rectified by changing the gearbox oil from synthetic to mineral oil at a Volkswagen dealer workshop. No faults have been reported in the UK but the company has issued a worldwide voluntary recall nonetheless.

The Tiguan recalls (which affect around 30,000 cars in the UK, built between 2008 and 2011) relate to faulty fuses in the lighting system which could trip and cause some of the headlight functions to fail. The problem is rectified by changing to a different fuse with a tougher surface coating.

Around 4,000 Amarok pick-ups in the UK fitted with the 2.0-litre TDI engine will also be recalled due to a risk of leaking fuel lines. Protective measures must be fitted to the fuel lines to avoid damage.

Volkswagen will inform owners if their car is affected, although if in doubt owners are advised to contact their local dealership for advice.