Car scrappage scheme list: all the 2021 deals and offers

Back in 2020 the hype around a government-backed scrappage scheme was palpable. Speculators professed it would bolster new car sales, and there were even reports that UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, was considering a scheme that would give drivers up to £6,000 off an electric car if they scrapped their petrol or diesel vehicle.

Those plans never came to fruition. But, some manufacturers have taken the matter into their own hands. Eight carmakers are offering scrappage schemes right now.

Most require you to have owned the car you're scrapping for a few years, to stop people buying cheap cars and weighing them in. While some of the manufacturers involved won't strictly scrap the car.

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A-Z of car scrappage deals 2021


Dacia car scrappage scheme

2020 Dacia Duster

Dacia's 'new for old' scrappage scheme isn't strictly a scrappage scheme - in that the car traded in won't strictly be scrapped. You must have been the registered owner for at least 90 days, and the savings are stingy.

Dacia Duster - up to £750 off

Dacia Sandero - up to £250 off

Dacia car scrappage scheme deal

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Hyundai scrappage scheme

Hyundai scrappage scheme

Hats off to Hyundai - it's offering a scrappage deal on nearly its entire range of cars. The most polluting cars, those with Euro 1-3 emissions standard, will be scrapped and completely removed from UK roads. Those that are Euro 4-5 will likely be sold on.

Hyundai Santa Fe - up to £5,000 off

Hyundai Tucson - up to £3,000 off

Hyundai i30 - up to £2,500 off

Hyundai Ioniq - up to £3,000 off

Hyundai i10 - up to £850 off

Hyundai i20 - up to £1,700 off

Hyundai Kona - up to £2,500

Hyundai scrappage scheme deal

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Kia scrappage scheme

Kia Sportage scrappage scheme deal

Great selection from Kia here, however, it cannot be offered in conjunction with the company's 0% APR finance deal

Kia Stonic - up to £2,500 off

Kia Sportage - up to £2,500 off

Kia Picanto - up to £2,000 off

Kia Niro - up to £2,500 off

Kia Rio - up to £2,000 off

Kia scrappage scheme deal

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Lexus scrappage scheme

Lexus scrappage scheme

Like its parent company Toyota (further down this list) Lexus is offering a scrappage scheme. Unlike with Toyota, Lexus isn't offering its entire range. You need to have owned the car you're scrapping for more than six months too.

Lexus CT - up to £3,500 off

Lexus UX - up to £3,500 off

Lexus ES - up to £4,000 off

Lexus NX - up to £4,000 off

Lexus RX - up to £4,000 off

Lexus RX L - up to £4,000 off

Lexus scrappage scheme deal

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Mazda scrappage scheme

2019 Mazda 3 front

There are hefty savings to be made on PCP and HP style deals, but there is a catch - the new Mazda you're buying does need to have a CO2 emissions rating of sub 161g/km. Electric MX-30 newly added to the list.

Mazda CX-5 - up to £4,000 off

Mazda 3 - up to  £3,500 off

Mazda 2 - up to £3,000 off

Mazda 6 - up to £3,000 off

Mazda CX-30 - up to £3,000 off

Mazda MX-30 - up to £1,000 off plus free home charger with installation

Mazda MX-5 - up to £3,000 off

Mazda scrappage scheme deal

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Nissan scrappage scheme

Nissan Leaf

Nissan is offering up to £5,000 off a new car with its new 'Switch Up' scheme. Not strictly a scrappage scheme, but useful enough to include in this article.

Nissan Leaf - up to £2,000 off

Nissan Micra - up to £2,750 off

Nissan Qashqai - up to £5,000 off

Nissan scrappage scheme deal

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Renault scrappage scheme

Renault Clio front end

Renault's 'new for old' scheme offers savings of between £1,250 and £3,000 depending on the car.

Renault Kadjar - up to £3,000

Renault Zoe - up to £2,750

Renault Captur - up to £1,750

Renault Clio - up to £1,250

Renault Megane - up to £2,500

Renault Koleos - up to £500

Renault scrappage scheme

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Toyota scrappage scheme

Black 2018 Toyota Corolla

Toyota is offering up its entire range with some kind of scrappage incentive. To make use of this offer, you'll have to have owned the scrappage car for more than six months, not just 90 days like others on this list.

Toyota Aygo - up to £2,000

Toyota Hilux - up to £4,000

Toyota GR Supra - up to £4,000

Toyota Proace - up to £3,000

Toyota Land Cruiser - up to £2,000

Toyota GT86 - up to £2,000

Toyota Camry - up to £2,000

Toyota Prius - up to £2,000

Toyota RAV4 - up to £2,000

Toyota C-HR - up to £2,000

Toyota Corolla - up to £2,000

Toyota Yaris - £2,000

Toyota scrappage scheme

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Car scrappage schemes: what you need to know

New car scrappage

Scrappage schemes are usually undertaken in a bid to get people through dealership doors and driving away in new cars. Although, a subsequent benefit of that is that in general, people will be scrapping a more polluting vehicle, helping bring average emissions of the cars on the road down.

2009 Government Scrappage Scheme

In 2009 the Government introduced a car scrappage scheme after 2008's financial crisis. It gave buyers £2,000 off a new car if they scrapped a model aged 10 years or older.

A contribution of £1,000 came from the Government and £1,000 came from the manufacturer. It lasted for 10 months, with 390,000 cars selling via the scheme. 

2020 scrappage schemes

New scrappage schemes run by the manufacturers won't necessarily see their trade-ins taken off the road as they were in 2009. They are really just guaranteed trade-in deals that allow motorists to trade in their old vehicle in return for a guaranteed discount on a new model.

Even if your old car is run down, not long left for this world and is effectively worthless, you can normally get at least £1,000 and sometimes as much as £8,000 off the purchase price of a new model, which in turn could dramatically shrink your car finance monthly payments.

Scrappage scheme opposition

Not everyone is keen on scrappage schemes. Classic car enthusiasts were up in arms when the full extent of the Government's 2009 scheme was revealed. Among the victims of the scheme were 88 Citroën 2CVs, 81 Morris Minors and 45 Jaguar XJ-Ss - all three types of car are rare, and well-sought after among classic enthusiasts.

Used car scrappage schemes

Neither the Government, nor car manufacturers, will back a used car scrappage scheme anytime soon. Although, they can occasionally be found from independent retailers of cars. These deals are rare though, and you'd do well to find one. 

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