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Have all the facts you need at your fingertips at the dealer with a Audi A4 Saloon (05-07) 2.0 TDi (170ps) 4d information pack

Want to know how much to pay, what it's going to be worth in a year or three years’ time, or what's standard and optional? Audi A4 Saloon (05-07) 2.0 TDi (170ps) 4d in-depth information pack has it all. It will also tell you how Audi A4 Saloon (05-07) 2.0 TDi (170ps) 4d performs, what it's like to own and all the facts and figures, such as mpg, 0-60mph times and top speed... among others.

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Audi A4 Saloon 2005

Audi A4 Saloon (05-07) 2.0 TDi (170ps) 4d

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