Ford claims victory over fuel thieves

  • Ford says Easy Fuel tech has scuppered criminals
  • Unique technology stops makeshift syphoning
  • 4,500 fuel theft reported in UK last year

Ford claims its Easy Fuel system designed to prevent misfuelling is also scuppering thieves' attempts at syphoning petrol and diesel from motorists’ tanks.

With fuel cost escalating, albeit with a brief respite during springtime, fuel thefts have increased by 25% with reported 4,500 cases in the UK annually.

Ford’s system, fitted as standard to the Fiesta, Focus, C-Max, Grand C-Max, S-Max, Galaxy, Kuga and Mondeo models to stop drivers filling up with the wrong kind of fuel, has also helped to keep fuel thefts in check.

The fuel flap on Ford's mainstream cars is linked to the vehicle’s central locking system to stop forced entry and syphoning. Added to that the system features two latches that can only be released by a standard-size fuel nozzle. When a proper fuel nozzle is placed in the fuel pipe the latches are released to allow filling to commence. That means that if a non-standard nozzle, tube or plastic hose is placed in the pipe the latches won’t release.

Ford’ unique system incorporates technology that prevents vapour escaping which also prevents syphoning.

“Our novel Easy Fuel feature ensures that Ford owners put the right fuel in their car,” said Andy Barratt, Ford Britain sales director. “Another customer benefit is that it acts as a deterrent by slowing down the fuel thief.”