Refreshed Volvo V40 has expensing app to help company car drivers

  • Volvo launches expenses app
  • V40 will help you log work trips
  • Part of new 2017 facelift

The new 2017 model year Volvo V40 has a novel gadget for helping company car drivers: it’ll log journeys and let you download the details, to help with expenses claims.

It’s part of the new Volvo On Call connectivity update, which also adds Windows 10 compatibility, calendar integration and the ability to send navigation instructions direct from meetings invites.

You can also locate the car on your smartphone (handy if you lose it in the airport car park) and remotely lock and unlock the car from your phone.

New expensing app on the Volvo V40

Crucially, On Call can be set to record journeys. Business drivers can then download the past 40 days of trips, helping compile expenses claims for work travel.

Another attraction for company drivers are the V40’s low CO2 figures, kicking off at just 89g/km on the D2 manual model. That’s low enough to qualify for a lowly 18% benefit-in-kind band.

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