Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

The cabin is dominated by the body-coloured strip that starts at the doors and spans the dashboard and instrument dials. It’s especially effective and distinct on bright coloured cars such as yellow or red and brightens up the otherwise dark interior. Quality isn’t great though and nor is the finish – it doesn’t take long for cars to develop annoying squeaks and rattles while the heavy and wide doors are a pain in tight car parks.

The driving position isn’t ideal either, but there is adequate adjustment of the seat and wheel for most drivers to get comfortable.

Despite its small dimensions, the Coupe can carry four-people, although not if they’re all six-footers. However there’s decent room in the back for a small coupe and the two seats are certainly useable for children. The ride is good too, although engine and road noise are intrusive at motorway speeds. Air conditioning became standard on all models from August 1999.