Ford Fiesta: I am the passenger

Rear seat surprise

Taking on our cars for a number of months often means we never actually get to be passengers in them - especially in the back. And it's not as if I don't trust my passengers, but I always end up forgetting to ask them what they think of the ride and the room in the car. This time I was not going to rely on others' views - I decided to get out from behind the wheel, let my colleagues drive and see what life was like in the back seats.

It was a big surprise. I had read all about the keen handling and the obviously seeing the car on the roads you know it's a decent looking car, but it's not until you get in the rear you that realise how roomy it is.

Despite the sloping roofline there is actually plenty of headroom. Obviously I know that being 5ft 8in means I'm already at an advantage but I reckon that even if you stick a good six-footer in there they would still have room to wear a sombrero.

Legroom is also good even with someone in the front sitting comfortably. Even on the relatively short trip back from the pub, I reckon I would be quite happy in the back even on a lengthy journey.

Constant niggle

Throughout the time I've had the Fiesta there hasn't really been one thing that constantly irks me about the car, but just recently I may have just found that thing. It might not be the biggest problem, but for some reason it takes me a good six attempts to get the car in reverse.

I constantly have to put the car in to first gear and then bring back in to reverse. If I don't do this then I end up looking like the amateur driver as the gears create an eye-watering crunching noise. It's a shame and maybe it's just this Fiesta that has the problem.

Current mileage: 8846

Average mpg: 37.9