Ford Fiesta ST : Practicality

  • Fiesta ST doesn't just shine for thrills but practicality too
  • Well-shaped boot and standard rear ISOFIX impress family-man Adam
  • Lack of dedicated space for mobile phone one of few foibles

First and foremost the Ford Fiesta ST is a hot hatch, designed to give you thrills and chills in equal measure thanks to its performance, agility and racy looks. As a drivers' car it punches well above its weight, embarrassing metal costing many times as much, and we’ve yet to find anyone who doesn’t enjoy slipping behind the wheel of one.

And it’s been no different in the time we’ve spent with EJ14 EDC, which has wormed its way into the affections of everyone on the team. But it’s not just impressed for its pace, but for its space – proving a practical companion too.

Fiesta ST rear seats

With only three doors, it was never going to rival a five-door Fiesta for ease of use, and the whole car would probably have fitted in the back of Keith’s Citroen Grand C4 Picasso. However getting into those back seats was relatively easy, despite the bulky Recaros up front, and once there the Fiesta felt amply spacious.

Smaller children, who sit a little lower, might complain of a lack of vision out thanks to the upswept side windows, but that’s a minor quibble. Without kids of my own, the only human cargo I carried in the car was adult-sized and there were no such complaints.

Fiesta ST airbag

EDC did serve as family transport for both Keith with his grown-up children, and Adam with his six-month old son James and wife Emma, and these were probably its toughest tests. You can carry children up front thanks to the switch to disable the passenger airbag, but the rear ISOFIX fittings made installing James’ child seat easy. Its size meant the front passenger seat was pushed so far forward Emma’s knees were embedded in the dashboard though.

But despite this, the firm ride didn’t upset the applecart and James quickly fell asleep on the move, while the Fiesta’s 290-litre boot ably swallowed the buggy. Plenty of cubbies inside, perfect for baby wipes and other tiny people paraphernalia, added to the appeal – and Adam found the Ford far less impractical than he was expecting.

Fiesta ST boot

Personally I’ve never found myself wanting with the luggage space either, and folding the rear seats flat ups the ante to offer a 960-litre space. Truth be told I’ve rarely had to make use of the split/fold function in my time with the car and I found the shape usefully square. If I could change one thing, it’d be the load lip, which while not overly obtrusive does occasionally get in the way when moving large loads around.

I could have done with somewhere to put my phone as well, since when its plugged into the USB port the only suitable slot is a cupholder. With the cornering speeds the ST can generate, that often saw my iPhone toppling out into the passenger footwell.

Fiesta ST cupholder

Otherwise the cubby behind the cupholders was deep and big enough for anything I needed to stow in there, and though the glovebox and door pockets were on the slim side for what I needed to stow they were perfectly suitable.

So while the Fiesta ST infiltrated the Parkers team’s hearts with its hot-hatch ability, it was the car’s practicality that ensured it remained there. 


Mileage: 9,862 miles Economy: 34.3mpg (calculated)