Fuel economy figures

MPG disappointment

Something that I've talked about previously is that hitting the manufacturers estimated MPG figures should save you money in the long run as you won't have to fill up with fuel so often. However, whether you actually manage to meet these targets is a different matter.

Official mpg figures are decided through two different tests. The first is done on a rolling road with a cold engine and is meant to simulate city driving with a number stops at 31mph. The other test is done at 75mph to replicate motorway driving. There are separate figures for each categroy and an average from the two is taken for the combined average.

The problem is these tests are controlled and done in a way of getting the best figures possible from the car. At the moment I'm struggling to get anywhere near the official  combined figures for my Focus which is 65.7mpg. I'm only just getting near the figure for city driving - 50.4mpg - despite doing plenty of miles on the motorway.

This poor mpg performance is slightly frustrating especially as there are cars that match the mpg figures advertised by manufacturers and even surpass them as we found in our previous Nissan Micra and Skoda Fabia.

My Focus is currently hovering around 49-50mpg. Even a week of commuting from London to Peterborough only managed to nudge it towards the 51mpg mark. So if you go buying a car based on its mpg figures then remember they may end being too good to be true.

Current mileage: 7526

Average mpg: 49.3