Ford Focus ECOnetic: costs

How much do you really save?

Throughout my time with the Focus I've spoke about how the Econetic is pitched as the 'big money saver' compared to other ordinary models in the range. I decided that it was time to actually see if this is the case.

Since my car arrived in September 2009, a newer version has gone on sale. The emissions have been improved from 115g/km to 104g/km - road tax stays at £35 - but apart from that the car is pretty much the same.

Buying the latest Econetic with the extras mine has will set you back £21,959. With emissions of 104g/km of CO2 the cost of road tax is £35. Then there is the cost of diesel. On an average of 10,000 miles a year with an mpg figure of 70.6 and with the current diesel prices, it would cost £734 to fill up for the year.

Compare this to the normal 1.6 TDCi Zetec model and there isn't a massive difference. The price with extras is £22,214 - just £255 more. With CO2 figures of 115g/km, road tax is the same price while the cost of running the car over a year at 62.8mpg would be £825.23 - £91.74 more than the Econetic.

This means the first year saving in the Econetic is just £346.74 with yearly savings after that of around £90. Even if you have the car ten years this isn't a big saving and doesn't seem enough to tempt people towards the more eco-friendly choice.


Current mileage: 6191

Average mpg: 48.3