Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

The highest quality materials have been used in the passenger compartment of the LS, although the wood trim doesn't give it the most modern of appearances. There also seem to be many buttons bearing acronyms for activating or disabling the car's many electronic systems, while switches and buttons borrowed from Toyota aren't what you'd expect on a car this expensive.

The electrically adjustable driver's seat and motorised steering adjustment mean drivers of all shapes and sizes should find their ideal driving position quite easily. Visibility is good, but where the rear DVD entertainment system is specified, the screen lowers from the roof, and completely obscures the view from the rear-view mirror for the driver.

The LS 460 travels in near silence, with the smallest hint of contact with the road from the tyres and the suggestion of wind whispering around the windscreen pillars at speed. Earlier SE and SE-L models have four-zone climate control as standard with air diffusers set into the roof lining to ensure the desired temperature is achieved without any unpleasant draughts.

Front seats are electrically adjustable, heated and air-conditioned. Air conditioned rear seats are fitted on SE and SE-L models, which are also electrically adjustable. The LS600h L (long-wheelbase) is available with a rear-sear relaxation pack - this allows the rear seat (behind the front passenger) to fully recline and includes an advanced massage function.

In 2012 the range was simplified to the LS 460 Luxury, the LS 460 F Sport and the LS 600h L Premier. It's safe to say that if you can't find a way of getting comfortable in the 'Ottoman' rear seat, then you are either very picky, or a giraffe.