Mazda3: Washers

Since my last update the Mazda3 has been into the local dealership. I was astonished to find out that ‘tyre rotation' actually involves a £15 surcharge which isn't covered as part of the warranty. Yes, that's right, taking the back wheels off and swapping them with the front wheels costs £15. Still, they gave me a nice sheet showing exactly how quickly the ‘3 goes through front tyres so maybe I shouldn't be too upset.

After having the car for a few days and running diagnostics on the washer jets I was informed that the body control module had blown. Unsure exactly what this meant I asked for clarification, and was informed that the unit which controls the washer jets appears to have burnt out.

Apparently this could be as a result of the repairs, or just a result of the cold weather we've been having. After explaining to the garage attendant that the jets worked after the repair he conceded that the cold weather must have caused the fault. This was a welcome break since he'd already quoted me £355 + VAT + fitting to repair the car! Thank goodness for warranties.

It wasn't all good news though; the part wasn't in stock and Mazda were going to have to order it. As with the airbag control unit a few updates ago, there's no ETA and so I'm stuck with a car with no washer jets for the foreseeable future.

Current mileage: 7202

Average mpg: 25.75