Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

The driver’s view is dominated by the central dash with its five dials. The centre dial is the rev counter with a digital display for the speed. Either side of the rev counter is the analogue speedo and the display for such things as the sat nav. The far dials provide information on such things as oil temperature and battery condition.

The steering wheel is the classic iconic three-spoke item with paddle shift gear changers located behind it.

The central dash and divider is festooned with a lot of buttons controlling such things as cabin temperature (the front passenger has their own control), audio and sat nav.

The buttons are small and a bit fiddly so it takes time to get to know exactly where the controls are and for what. Some dexterity is also required – fat fingers can hit the wrong button.

The touchscreen does help though – making it easy to select the right function and guide you through what you need to change from radio channel to inputting a destination.

It’s the front passengers that get the best deal as far as Porsche 911 Targa comfort goes. The sport seats are comfortable and very supportive.

There is a multitude of driving positions thanks to a full range of seat adjustments and the steering wheel can be moved for both reach and rake.

The rear seats do provide enough room for small children but if there are long legged adults in the front rear leg room is severely restricted. Both individual rear seats come with Isofix fittings.