Parkers overall rating: 4.2 out of 5 4.2
  • Interior isn’t as up-to-date as latest Porsche models
  • Driver-focused driving position is spot on
  • Excellent build quality throughout

Porsche Macan: what's it like inside?

Those familiar with Porsches will easily find themselves at home behind the wheel of the Macan. But even if you’re new to the brand, the simple design lends itself to easy operation.

The dash has a simple design, and while there are a lot of buttons on the centre console to learn (mostly the climate control), it doesn’t take too long to master and the majority of other functions are controlled via a touchscreen infotainment system.

You’ll find the materials used of a very high quality and everything is screwed, glued and bolted together very well indeed.

The driving position is excellent – as we’ve come to expect from Porsche – and although high-riding it does a good job of making you feel like you’re inside the car rather than perched on top of it thanks to a raised centre console and low seating position within the car.

We like the dials and the simplicity with which you can flick through the various screens and menus on the digital part of the display, while operating the sat-nav doesn’t require a computing degree either. Apple CarPlay is also available, which simplifies things further.

  • Spacious interior is family-friendly
  • Very refined on a longer journey
  • Air suspension offers comfortable ride

Porsche Macan: which is most comfy?

While it definitely has sporting intentions, that isn’t to say the Macan is uncomfortable. In fact, far from it.

All models we’ve driven have been beautifully damped and thus very smooth on the road. Any road or wind noise was extremely well contained, while the seats kept us hemmed in without pinching or feeling oppressive.

Of course, you can make significant improvements to the Macan’s comfort by ticking a few boxes on the optional extras list.

If that’s a priority for you, your first stop should be the air suspension, which transforms the Macan according to your desires or can adapt automatically if left to its own devices.

It’s impressive how adaptable the Macan is, offering a firmer, sportier set-up if you wish, or a more relaxing, cossetting one for when you don’t want to drive it like a Porsche.