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Buying used

Almost all Renault Scenic XMODs will be used as family cars, so when looking around used examples be prepared to see evidence of having a hard life, particularly in the boot and on the back seats. Thoroughly check over the upholstery and carpets for unsightly stains and tears.

It’s vital to check all of the extensive range of electrical equipment and digital displays are working properly before you consider parting with cash for an XMOD.

Although the grey plastic body cladding is cheaper to repair than painted items, it can still look unsightly if gouged or grazed. Take time to ensure parking sensors and reversing cameras, where fitted, function as they were intended too.

Mud and Snow tyres are chunkier than standard rubber but it’s still worth studying the condition of the wheels for evidence of kerb damage. Typically alloy wheels can be repaired for between £50 and £100 each, so consider this when negotiating.

Thoroughly test drive any car you’re considering on roads you’re familiar with wherever possible. On the Scenic XMOD in particular, look out for smoky exhausts, noisy suspension and jerky gear changes from the automatic transmission – all could prove costly to fix.

You can always get a Parkers Car History Check which will reveal if the car has any hidden secrets or outstanding finance you should be aware of.


Compact people carriers and crossovers in particular are what the market’s crying out for just now, so selling on your pre-owned Renault Scenic XMOD after you have finished with it shouldn’t prove too difficult.

Sales of the five-seater XMOD will always lag behind the more popular Grand Scenic seven-seater so spend time looking after yours so that you can command something of a premium when you sell it on.

Dynamique TomTom specification and well-chosen options to make the XMOD easier to live with might not necessarily guarantee a higher price in the used car market but they will help make it easier to sell.

As many will have been bought to transport families around ensure the interior trim is kept as clean as possible to avoid unsightly stains when it comes to resale. A thorough valeting every year could prove to be money well spent.

If you’re selling a petrol XMOD, especially the unfancied 1.6-litre VVT version, don’t be surprised if buyers try to shave a discount off your selling price.

Ensure you maintain a full service history for your Renault Scenic XMOD and keep all the paperwork in order, especially where there’s been a reliability problem that you’ve had fixed.

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