Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

Miles per pound (mpp) Miles per pound (mpp)

Petrol engines 5.8 - 6.9 mpp
Low figures relate to the least economical version; high to the most economical. Based on WLTP combined fuel economy for versions of this car made since September 2017 only, and typical current fuel or electricity costs.

Fuel economy

Petrol engines 43.5 - 51.4 mpg
  • Cheap to run
  • Up to 72.4mpg
  • No ultra-efficient GreenLine model at present

Skoda Rapid Spaceback: what will it cost me to run?

Skoda Rapid Spaceback running costs are good if we go by the official consumption figures.

As you’d expect, the diesel engines are the most economical out of the lot. The 1.4-litre TDI diesel, regardless of transmission choice, manages up to 72.4mpg, so if you know you’ll travel a lot of miles it may be worth considering.

The larger 1.6-litre TDI diesel isn’t that far behind, with a claimed economy figure of up to 68.9mpg.

As for the TSI petrols, expect to fill up more regularly, especially if you’re a little heavy-footed. The lesser-powered 1.0 TSI petrol engine is capable of up to 64.2mpg with the manual gearbox, while the punchier 110hp 1.0-litre TSI isn’t far behind, at 62.7mpg.

Unlike other Skoda models, there isn’t currently a GreenLine version that can up economy and emissions futher, but we may see those in time.

Skoda Rapid Spaceback: is it eco-friendly?

No matter which Rapid Spaceback version you go for, you’re not going to see rated emissions higher than 113g/km, so it’s pretty green in the grand scheme of things. The lowest CO2 rating comes from the 95hp 1.0-litre TSI petrol engine at 101g/km, which is very competitive for the cars in its class. The most polluting is the 125hp petrol at that aforementioned 113g/km.

The diesel engines populate the middleground here, with the 1.4-litre TDI coming in at a claimed 103g/km with the manual gearbox (104g/km with the automatic), and the 1.6-litre TDI rated at 107g/km.

  • Solid reliability record
  • No real reported problems
  • Should continue to remain reliable in future

Skoda Rapid Spaceback: will it be reliable?

As far as we’re aware, there aren’t any serious reported problems with the Skoda Rapid Spaceback. This could mainly be due to tried-and-tested parts that are used elsewhere in the VW Group range, including parts used by VW, SEAT and indeed Skoda itself.

Skoda cars have proven they are reliable over recent years, helped by the VW group buying the brand, and continue to impress buyers. There’s certainly no foreseeable reason why the Rapid Spaceback will not continue this trend.

Ongoing running costs

Road tax (12 months) £0 - £165
See tax rates for all versions
Insurance group 11 - 18
How much is it to insure?