Parkers overall rating: 4.3 out of 5 4.3
  • Logically laid-out dashboard
  • Solid build and pleasant materials
  • Easy to find a comfy driving position

If you’re familiar with the Skoda Octavia, then at first glance the new Superb might appear a bit of a disappointment. With much of its switchgear and on-board tech sourced from its smaller brother (and other MQB platform cars) the dash certainly seems very similar.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as like the Octavia it’s a neat, clean, uncluttered and unfussy design that feels robust and classically elegant if not overtly luxurious or expensive. There are some harder plastics used lower down, but most exhibits a soft-touch material befitting of its pricetag. Multiple adjustments for the seats and a good range of positioning for the steering wheel combine with the central armrest to make for a comfortable driving position too.

The classic white on black Skoda instruments look simple and are easy to read, though the Laurin & Klement model’s cream borders actually look a little cheap, while the inset fuel gauge should be round but looks oddly egg-shaped.

The colour Maxi-dot trip computer nestled between speedometer and rev counter boasts clean and crisp graphics with plenty of information available including audio, navigation and trip readouts. You can specify Skoda's Virtual Cockpit system for the first time in the Superb - offering a highly configurable set of dials in place of traditional instruments. Like the ones you'll find in a Volkswagen or SEAT, you can spend ages flicking between various selections - so take some time to set it up how you want it before you get going, as it can be quite distracting to operate on the move. 

It's worth pointing out that the standard 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system is actually more user-friendly than the 9.2-inch unit, as it comes with shortcut buttons around the outside of the screen. The larger unit does not. The sat nav has sharp graphics and bright colours on any system, with a simple intuitive interface and easy to follow instructions.

If you’ve got an Apple iPhone, the on-board Apple CarPlay is incredibly simple to use too, allowing for voice control through Siri or familiar touchscreen app style operations through the car’s system. The same goes for Android Auto too.

Is it comfortable?

  • This is where the Superb really is superb
  • Soft suspension means relaxed ride
  • Interior is hushed and comfortable too

If there’s one thing this car is built to conquer it’s this, and so it’s fair to say that Skoda Superb comfort is borderline exemplary. For a start, no matter where you sit, there’s acres of room – as is tradition the largest Skoda in the range can rival many premium German manufacturer’s luxury models for lounging space. Twenty-eight millimetres longer than previous, the largest change in dimensions is from the 80mm lengthier wheelbase. As you’d expect this results in class-leading levels of legroom for rear passengers. It’s 47mm wider and 6mm higher too, and you certainly notice the extra width, especially when sitting up front.

Rear passengers also benefit from an optional tablet or phone mount on the rear of the front seats which allows them to control in-car entertainment and view their trip itinerary from the navigation. A power socket in the rear of the centre console keeps portable devices powered, and the tri-zone climate control on Laurin & Klement models ensures they can keep cool (or warm) independently of the settings in the front of the cabin.

Choose that top-spec trim and you’ll also benefit from the firm’s first adaptive suspension system. Drivers can choose between different modes, including Comfort, and tailor the car’s suspension responses to their desires and road conditions. Most of the time it works rather well; leave it in normal to get the best from it though, as while Comfort allows for greater bump absorption it does tend to induce some wallow through corners.

Short sharp shocks rarely make their way through to the cabin – only some subtle suspension noise alerts you to their presence – larger bumps in close formation can upset the Superb and send it into an unsettled bouncing motion. At speed it feels amplified, and it’s an odd and not entirely pleasant feeling. There’s little wind or engine noise noticeable though, and all the seats are comfortable – though sadly the rear seats aren’t electrically adjustable like you may find in more expensive premium German models.