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Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

Buying new

There’s a huge amount of personalisation on offer with the Smart, so make sure you pick carefully. While many schemes will reflect your personality, remember that if it’s a bit wacky you might struggle to sell the car when it becomes time to move on.

While there’s a decent amount of luggage space considering the car’s dimensions, make absolutely sure it’ll cater for your specific needs. Does your biggest suitcase fit? You may not find out until it’s too late, otherwise. Don’t forget that ForFour is only a few hundred quid dearer…

We’re expecting the vast majority of ForTwos to have the more economical 1-litre engine, and we reckon that’s the better to drive, too. It’s worth trying both, though, as if you drive on the motorway from time to time you might value the extra grunt of the 0.9 turbo on a slip road.

If you’re after a good deal, it may pay to visit a car supermarket or online broker. These buy cars in bulk, so you’ll have little-to-no chance of personalisation, but you may be able to save yourself a few quid. It’s worth visit a Smart dealer too, though: the ForTwo is only going to make up around a fifth of Smart sales, so they may be eager to do a deal to get them moving off the forecourt.

Buying used

If you’re looking at a Smart ForTwo, the chances are you’ll already have decided on that car. Most buyers looking for a city car will go for the ForFour, leaving a very specific group of buyers for the two-seater.

Ensure the car you’re going to buy is in great condition both mechanically and cosmetically. It should track straight on the road while both accelerating and braking – if this isn’t the case then it’s likely the wheels have met a kerb or two. Watch out for evidence on the alloys, in that case.

All of the plastic panels should look good too. They’re fairly cheap to replace, so any damage may indicate the car has had a difficult life. It’s a similar story on the inside; check everything is there and working as it should be. Pay special attention to electrical features such as windows and wipers.

Historically there’s been a massive Smart enthusiast scene, so there’s every chance some choice modifications could have been fitted to a car you’re looking at. As a rule we’d avoid such cars, but do your research. It may be a genuine improvement.

Most important of all, get yourself a Parkers Car History Check for peace of mind there’s nothing nasty hidden in the car’s history.


The crucial thing here is to make sure the car is in as good condition as it possibly can be. Consider fixing damaged wheels or replacing worn or damaged tyres. It’s features like this that’ll really help yours stand out from the crowd.

If you’ve ‘tweaked’ your Smart in any way, consider swapping the bits for standard items. It should entice a larger spread of the car-buying public.

A clear, well-photographed advert is another great way to generate the right kind of interest. Include all important details such as service history, mileage and the car’s specifications. Make a play on anything optional too, because buyers will see better value that way.

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