If you want minimalist motoring that also has some charm, a used Suzuki Alto could hit the right note. A rival to small cars aimed at budget-conscious drivers, like the Citroen C1, Dacia Sandero and Vauxhall Viva, the Alto is closely related to the Nissan Pixo, and being built for developing markets can shrug off the worst Britain’s roads can throw at it. There have been several cars sold as the Suzuki Alto, but the latest model - introduced in 2009, and sold in the UK until 2014 - is the one to buy now. One engine is offered, a 1.0-litre, 68hp three-cylinder, and the Alto’s five-door body is light enough that it’ll reach 62mph in less than 14 seconds. Manual models have the lowest emissions, but there’s an automatic version too. Although a budget model, the interior has some charming design touches and is well put together, even if the materials are purely functional and there’s the occasional sharp edge on handles. Go for the SZ4 for the best equipment and safety, as it has stability control and side airbags. There are hundreds of Suzuki Altos for sale in our classified ads; find the best deals near you when searching for your next car with Parkers.
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