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Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

Buying new

Which is the best Tesla Model X?

Choosing the best Tesla Model X simply comes down to bugetary considerations. The simple model range, and choice of battery packs means, you're essentially getting the same car, but with a longer range or more performance on tap. The entry-level Model X 75 has the shortest range, so if you're a higher-mileage driver, you're probably going to want to stump up for a 90 to get those extra miles.

For fun-loving families, the P100 is ridiculously satisfying. It out-accelerates most supercars but will take the kids and their friends wherever they need to go. Whether the ability to crack 0-60mph in three seconds is a genuine priority or not, there's no denying there's a fair degree of childish pleasure in using that capability once in a while.

Buying used

Is the Tesla Model X up to date?

Tesla Model X SUV model history

  • September 2016 – Fully-electric SUV available to order in the UK in 60D, 75D, 90D, P90D and P100D forms. Five seats are standard, although six- and seven-seater packages are optionally available.
  • January 2017 – 100D version introduced to replace the P90D, while orders for the 60D cease.


Buying a new Tesla Model X SUV

  • Small, but growing, dealer network
  • Discounts? Forget it
  • Spec yours up wisely

Is the Tesla Model X easy to buy new?

The number of official Tesla dealerships in the UK is increasing year-on-year, so finding a place to buy a Model X shouldn’t be the problem it once was.

However, all Teslas are super-high-end vehicles, and, as such, you’ll have to pay a comparatively large amount of money to get your hands on one.

And unlike the Model X’s petrol and diesel rivals, discounts will be nigh-on impossible to achieve, so bear this in mind when going in to buy one.

We’d also recommended delving into the options list. After all, who wants a £90,000 luxury car without all-round heated seats, a top-end stereo system and the super-convenient High-Amperage Charger package?

Speccing the full seven seats should also work to broaden the potential market of your Model X when it comes to selling.

Buying a used Tesla Model X SUV

  • Few mechanical parts to worry about
  • Vital you check all the equipment
  • Be wary if there are signs of a hard life

Is the Tesla Model X easy to buy used?

There’ll be a shortage of used Model X choice on the used market and those that are around will be in high demand, so don’t expect any bargain-basement deals – these are still sought-after cars and will be priced as such.

The absence of a conventional engine or gearbox takes away two potential things to watch out for on the test drive, but make sure the 17-inch central touchscreen is working properly. It controls nearly every function on the car, so make sure it’s faultless in its operation and appearance.

Be sure to have a good look around the interior, too. Many cars will have had children or animals in the back, so keep an eye out for any tell-tale scuffs or scratches on the upholstery.

As always, a Parkers Car History Check is essential for revealing a car’s history and could save you from any nasty surprises.

Selling your Tesla Model X SUV

  • You could have a queue of buyers at your door
  • You’ll still have to present your car well, though
  • Ensure all the Model X’s paperwork is to hand

Electric cars are becoming ever more popular by the day, so finding a buyer for the practical Model X should be relatively straightforward.

That said, their increasing popularity does mean that your car won’t automatically stand out as much as it once would have done.

There are things you can do to fix this, though – such as a full valet both inside and out, fixing any scuffed bodywork or wheels and taking plenty of high-quality pics.

A full service history and copies of any receipts – even if it’s for small things on the car – are absolutely essential to absolve any lingering reliability doubts from potential buyers.