Hyundai iLoad dimensions (2009-2019)

Looking for info on the Hyundai ILoad's load area dimensions, payload and towing capacity? Then you've come to the right place.

Hyundai iLoad (09-19) capacity & size

3 out of 5 3.0

The iLoad only comes in a single body size, but all models come with twin sliding side doors, as well as twin rear barn doors, giving plenty of access all round the vehicle.

Some thought has been put into the door handles, too; like Fiat, Hyundai uses vertical handles on the side doors for ergonomic opening.

Hyundai iLoad, all doors open, rear view, white, 2017 model

However, because it’s rear-wheel drive, the load floor is higher than most medium van rivals. There's also only space for two Euo pallets inside.

These are the load area dimensions of the Hyundai iLoad

  • Maximum load length: 2,375mm 
  • Maximum load height: 1,340mm
  • Maximum load width: 1,620mm
  • Width between the wheelarches: 1,272mm
  • Load volume: 4.3 cubic metres

Hyundai iLoad (09-19) payload, weight & towing

2 out of 5 2.0

Payload for Hyundai iLoads with the later Euro 6 engine ranges 1,085-1,205kg, depending on exact spec.

On Euro 5 models, payload ranges 1,062-1,186kg.

Payload for the crew van varies by as little as 3kg, despite the additional seats, thanks to an increase in gross vehicle weight (GVW) – just remember this has to include all the people on-board as well.

Hyundai iLoad load area, bare metal, 2018 facelift model

However, this still made it the worst medium van for payload while it was available new, and it remains outclassed by every current rival.

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Unbraked towing capacity for the iLoad is 750kg; with a braked trailer this rises to 2,000kg.