Swipe me: VW launches new phone-friendly used van website

  • New “responsive” design for used VW van sales site
  • Updated features include online deposit payment
  • View watch lists, set search alerts and make offers 

In the market for a pre-loved VW Transporter, Caddy, Crafter or Amarok? Volkswagen has just revamped its official used vans website, adding new features and making it easier to access on mobile phones and tablets.

The updated site can be found at  www.volkswagen-vans.co.uk/used, and in addition to a new “responsive” design ­– meaning it automatically resizes itself for optimum viewing on different devices – it seems well set to relieve you of that hard-earned cash as painlessly as possible.

Reserve online or make an offer

For example, VW has not only made it possible to reserve a van online, but made that process as simple as buying something on eBay – as you can securely transfer a deposit via PayPal using the Reserve Online feature.

Feeling slightly less decisive? Then you’ll like the equally new Make An Offer function, which notifies the van centre selling the vehicle that you’re potentially interested, and they will then contact you to begin negotiations. It’s not quite as easy as swiping left or right on Tindr, but the thinking’s along the same lines.

Since these are both brand-new features, VW’s van centres are only just starting to add them to their listings – so you won’t yet find them on every example, but we’re told they should start appearing more widely soon.

Watch lists, search alerts and special offers

In addition to the obvious stuff like allowing you to search by van type and by postcode, the new site also includes the ability to set up a Search Alert – sending you an email whenever a new used van that meets your standard is listed. Meanwhile, the Watch List function allows you to see how many other people are interested in the same vehicle that you are. No pressure…

Within each listing you’ll not only find full details of the van and contact details for the VW van centre flogging it – including a Google map window with the option to get instant directions – but also the option to compare it with other vans on the site and view any applicable special offers.

This last feature is useful for checking if there are any servicing deals you can purchase at the same time, helping to reduce your longer-term running costs.

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