VW Amarok V6 now available with manual gearbox

  • Six-speed manual Amarok now on sale
  • Exclusive to 204hp Trendline for now
  • 163hp entry-level variant coming in 2018

Since Volkswagen launched the revised Amarok with its new V6 engine into the UK in late 2016, it has only been available with an automatic transmission.

Now, nearly a year later, a manual gearbox version has rejoined the range.

Which VW Amarok V6 is available with a manual gearbox?

The new six-speed manual gearbox is available in combination with the 204hp version of the Amarok’s 3.0-litre V6 TDI – the top-spec 224hp variant remains automatic only.

Torque for this model is rated at 500Nm, 50Nm less than the range-topper, but still more than almost any rival.

VW Amarok V6 manual performance and mpg

Compared with the equivalent 204hp automatic, the manual Amarok is faster, with 0-62mph taking just 8.4 seconds instead of 9.1, and top speed rising 2mph to 119mph flat out.

However, it is also less fuel efficient, claiming 32.5mpg instead of 34.9mpg.

This might seem strange, but the auto has eight gear ratios instead of six, allowing for longer gearing for more efficient (and presumably quieter) cruising.

Is the VW Amarok manual four-wheel drive?

The manual-gearbox Amarok is four-wheel drive – but it uses a selectable system rather than the permanent 4x4 fitted to the automatics.

This means you’ll mostly need to drive in two-wheel drive only on the road, but does allow a low-range gearing reduction function for greater control when driving on challenging terrain off the road.

As a result it can apparently scale 100% gradients – that’s an angle of 45 degrees – without difficulty.

VW Amarok manual payload and towing

Towing capacity for the manual-gearbox Amarok falls to 3,000kg – 100kg less than the automatic alternatives and rather pathetic compared to most competitors.

Payload is rated at 1,050k, some 76kg less than the 204hp automatic.

So, unless you really need the extra off-road capability, it’s not the most practical choice. It is also cheaper, though.

How much is the VW Amarok V6 manual?

Available exclusively in Trendline specification the VW Amarok V6 manual is priced at £25,600 basic, excluding VAT.

That’s over £650 less than the previous entry-level price. It’s on sale now, with first deliveries expected in February 2018.

Any more new Amaroks coming soon?

A 163hp V6 – also equipped with the six-speed manual gearbox – is set to join the Amarok range early in 2018 as an even more affordable choice.

In addition to this, VW has shown a more powerful Amarok Aventura Exclusive prototype with 258hp and 620Nm, but is yet to confirm it will actually build it.

This would be a direct challenger to the Mercedes X-Class V6, however, so we are fully expecting VW to launch this model in the new year – though it may not be offered in the UK.

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