New Abt VW Transporter T6.1 tuning upgrade with 226hp

  • A facelift of a facelift? Abt gives the T6.1 an aggressive new look
  • Full makeover includes adjustable suspension, up 20-inch alloy wheels
  • Power can be boosted on 150hp and 199hp models by as much as 30hp

If there’s any new van that’s going to attract the attention of tuning companies it’s surely the facelifted Volkswagen Transporter T6.1 – there are decades of history and lifestyle culture surrounding VW vans, and that’s not likely to change any time soon.

Case in point: well-known German modification specialist Abt Sportline has already launched power upgrades and a bodykit for this latest model, which has only just started arriving in UK dealerships now.

Looking for a sport van with a difference? This could be it.

Should I have heard of Abt?

Abt is a pretty big name on the German tuning scene, particularly when it comes to Volkswagens and Audis. You might also have seen some of their gear on third-party camper conversions in the UK.

Abt Volkswagen Transporter - dead-on front view, 2020

If you’ve spent much time on this site, you may also have clocked that Abt’s electric vehicle arm is responsible for creating electric versions of the Transporter – and the Caddy – on VW’s behalf.

The Abt e-Transporter is expected to become available via UK Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles dealerships before the end of 2020.

Let’s get back to this diesel Transporter – what on Abt is going on here?

The vehicle in the pictures is a full rolling catalogue for Abt’s T6.1 product portfolio, which is available for the vans and the passenger carrying versions.

Abt Volkswagen Transporter - rear view, 2020

First of all it’s fitted with the full Abt Aero Package, which includes a new front bumper skirt, gloss black grille garnish, side skirts – available for short and long wheelbase models – a rear bumper skirt and a rear wing. You might spot there are four exhaust tips poking out of the rear bumper, too.

Less obvious at first glance – but clear in the pictures side-by-side with the standard van – there’s also a set of adjustable Bilstein suspension, available in regular and heavy duty specification, and offering a reduction in ride height of 40-70mm.

Abt Volkswagen Transporter - nose-to-nose with standard van, 2020

Topping off the looks you can choose from a selection of alloy wheels, with 19-inch and 20-inch options are available.

Is it all looks or does it go faster, too?

The final touch is an Abt Engine Control system that cranks the 150hp / 340Nm engine up to 180hp / 400Nm and the 199hp / 450Nm engine up to 226hp / 490Nm.

Abt Volkswagen Transporter - front view with standard van, 2020

Quite how the gearbox will cope with the latter we wouldn’t like to say…

How much does it cost?

This is one of those Price On Application kind of deals, complicated no doubt by the fluctuating exchange rate – we’ve dropped a line to the official UK dealer for Abt Sportline, Richter Sport, and will update this page if we learn more.

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