Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

Again there’s a sense of familiarity here if you know what a regular Golf’s interior is like. The controls are all facing the driver to make them feel totally immersed in the experience, while all of the switchgear and plastics feel very high quality. And the screens on the instrument panel and multimedia system are clear and easy to read too.

We particularly liked the sports seats you get on the R, which we found supportive and comfortable over long distances.

Our car had an optional interior upgrade to leather upholstery, but the interior of the Golf R looks just as good with the standard cloth seats too. We’d forget the leather, if it was us.

It’s better than you might expect. While the ride is definitely sportier than your average hatchback - and thus bumpy roads feels bumpier and potholes jolt through the entire car’s chassis – Volkswagen Golf R comfort levels are actually fairly high.

The seats are particularly good. They’re supportive but don’t hem you in completely like some race-inspired ‘bucket seats’ tend to do. That makes it easy to get in and out of the car.

Road noise does filter into the cabin, especially at motorway speeds, but you can forgive the R that since the engine sounds absolutely fantastic. It’s not too loud either, unless you switch it into sport or Race mode; in that case the vicious engine note gets much louder indeed.

We’ve only tried the R with the optional Dynamic Chassis Control, so you may find the ride on standard suspension is a little more uncomfortable. It allows you to either firm-up or soften the responses at the touch of a button, while the standard-fit suspension is fixed.