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Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

Buying used

Sales of the Volvo V60 Cross Country are expected to be modest with fewer than 1,000 examples brought into the UK during its first year on sale, so finding a used one close by could prove difficult.

Consequently prices might be difficult to chip down from those advertised as sellers will also appreciate there aren’t many around.

Even though it’s not a proper off-roader it’s worth taking time to inspect the undersides of the Cross Country in case it’s ventured off the beaten track and been damaged in the process.

There’s a lot of equipment – both standard and optional – that’s crammed into the V60 Cross Country so ensure you spend time checking that everything works precisely as it should. Volvo’s strong reputation for quality and reliability suggests it all should but check it over regardless.

Don’t be scared off by high mileage examples, particularly if they’re ex-company cars, as servicing and maintenance will have been carried out to high standards. A thick wad of paper reflecting the previous owners’ maintenance record is a great sign.

Ease your doubt further with a Parkers Car History Check to discover any secrets such as outstanding finance.


Despite it being unlikely there’ll be another Volvo V60 Cross Country for sale in the neighbourhood at the same time as yours, that’s no excuse for presenting it in anything less than great condition. Not only will you attract more interested buyers it’s likely to sell faster too.

Before you advertise the car, ensure it’s been thoroughly valeted inside and out, any damaged paintwork or scuffed alloy wheels are remedied and that the climate control blows as cold as it should.

Also keep hold of every piece of paperwork relating to your ownership of the car in a detailed documented history and that services are conducted on time by people who know the cars best.

Lastly, ensure you spend time and effort composing a well-thought advertisement and compliment it with a strong set of images. If you’re not too handy with words or a camera then as a friend who is for assistance. Little tweaks will help sell your Volvo V60 quicker.

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