Parkers overall rating: 4.4 out of 5 4.4
  • Stylish dash as per other V60s
  • Solid construction, high quality materials
  • Large touchscreen a tad fiddly at times

Aesthetically, the V60 Cross Country’s interior – and specifically its dashboard design – are a breath of fresh air compared with that of the Audi A4 Allroad. Sure, it lacks the imperious solidity of the Audi’s cabin, but it’s by no means bad and it still looks interesting. Then again, all V60s do – and there’s little to mark out the interior of the Cross Country as being different.

2019 Volvo V60 Cross Country dashboard

You’ve a muted palette of earthy colours to choose from – not all variations of black – while there are clever uses of contrasting materials to make it feel less dour. Very elegant, very Skandi.

Fiddly Sensus multimedia system

Touchscreens for controlling a multitude of in-car functions are seemingly here to stay, backed-up by intuitive voice controls – Volvo scores well on that secondary point.

2019 Volvo V60 Cross Country Sensus multimedia system

In the main, the portrait-orientated Sensus infotainment system looks and operates slickly with the majority of controls activated by sensibly large virtual buttons. But some aspects seem needlessly fiddly – particularly adjusting the temperature of the climate control system, not helped by utterly superfluous half-degree steps. No need, Volvo.

Trying to gently caress the marker down a couple of degrees on a bumpy road without looking at the screen would prove worthy of a challenge on Taskmaster – although there’s no option to switch the virtual assistant’s voice to Alex Horne’s and the process is far less comedic.

Is it comfortable?

  • Supportive, inviting front seats
  • Composed ride quality most of the time
  • No adaptive suspension option here

Tyre sidewall depths aren’t what they were as car buyers have been persuaded that bigger, more impressive rims are desirable, whatever the detrimental effects are upon ride quality. With that in mind, as per other models in the V60 range, there’s no need to go larger than the standard 18-inch alloy wheels that the Cross Country wears well.

Grey 2019 Volvo V60 Cross Country elevated ride height

Yes, 19- and 20-inch varieties are optionally available, but they’ll send jarring shocks through the bodywork that will disturb otherwise impressive levels of comfort. Although, it has to be noted, that on poorly surfaced roads – much of Britain in other words – that even the 18s can send a jolt to you and your passengers’ posteriors. Even the extra 60mm of suspension travel doesn’t negate it that much.

One caveat we would largely point out on larger-wheeled Volvos is the option of the Active Four-C Chassis – the brand’s glorified title for its adaptive suspension system. Unfortunately, that package isn’t available in combination with the Cross Country package.

Superb seats compensate

Sat up front you’ll relax in some of the best seats you’ll find in any car at any price point. Upon first encounter they feel a tad firm, but once your body’s acclimatised to that they transform to be incredibly supportive, holding you in all the right places with a wide range of adjustability. The more supported you are, the comfier you feel, particularly after a long journey.

Front seats are heated as standard, while the outer rear pair can also be similarly specified as an extra-cost option.

Brown 2019 Volvo V60 Cross Country off-road driving