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Buying new

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Alfa Romeo Stelvio: which is best for me?

The best-selling Stelvio is predicted to be the Stelvio Super with the 2.2-litre diesel engine. 

Company car drivers are likely to want low CO2, so investigate the rear-wheel drive versions that are fractionally cheaper to run. 

Performance fans should definitely wait for the scorchingly fast Quadrofoglio verison. 

Buying used

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Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV model history

  • July 2017 – Stelvio SUV available to order for September delivery. Three standard trims available – entry-level Stelvio, Super and Speciale – with a flagship launch edition Milano Edizione topping the initial range. Four-wheel drive and automatic transmission standard on both turbocharged engine options: a 2.0-litre petrol with 280hp and a 210hp 2.2-litre diesel.


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Buying a new Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV

  • Style is key, so choose carefully
  • Go for Sport rather than Luxury
  • Petrol for performance, diesel for comfort

Alfa Romeo Stelvio: will it be easy to buy new?

The most popular UK model is expected to be the Stelvio Super with the 210hp diesel engine – therefore expect deals on this model to be few and far between. Pick the 280hp petrol, on the other hand, and you may find there’s more wiggle room to work with.

Though you can also expect this model to depreciate more heavily than the diesel. The petrol is also the better choice for more enthusiastic drivers. The diesel is better for those who favour comfort. We would suggest sticking to the smaller wheel sizes if comfort is a priority; the 20-inch option will feel abrupt on UK roads.

Alfa Romeos are stylish cars, and it makes sense to reflect this in your choice of paint and interior trim. UK buyers typically favour sporty accessories, so the Sport Pack should prove a wise investment; the Luxury Pack’s wood trimmings are likely to have less wide-reaching appeal.

Buying a used Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV

  • Expect plenty of diesel choice
  • Petrol may prove better value, however
  • Examine history very carefully

Alfa Romeo Stelvio: will it be easy to buy used?

It’s too early to say whether there are particular faults you need to look out for, but general used buying advice applies: look for comprehensive service history, check MoT records online and use the Parkers Car History Check to make sure there’s no outstanding finance or hidden accident records.

Equipment is generous on all grades – just make sure that it works, and look out for desirable options such as the sat-nav and audio system upgrades. Stevlios with the Luxury and Sport packages are likely to command a slight premium, but don’t be conned into paying over the odds.

Use the Parkers car valuation tool to guide you. Diesel models will be in far greater supply than petrol, but will also be in higher demand. At this stage it’s impossible to say whether that means the petrol will keep its value better due to rarity or plummet due to lack of popularity.

We’d speculate on the latter, but will have to wait and see.

Reliability – or lack thereof – will certainly play a part in the Stelvio’s used value. We’d tell you to consider purchasing through Alfa Romeo’s approved-used scheme for added peace of mind, but dealer quality is one of the marque’s other traditional areas of weakness. Proceed with caution, in other words.


Selling your Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV

  • SUVs are very popular
  • Alfa Romeo has a loyal fan base
  • Clearly demonstrate careful ownership

Depending on how the reliability question pans out, you may have an uphill struggle on your hands. Alfa Romeos have always attracted a loyal enthusiast following, but there’s only so many enthusiasts to go around – and many of the purists may initially be aghast at the thought of an Alfa SUV, no matter how pretty or how good it is to drive.

However, the Stelvio is very good looking and SUVs are generally popular, and it could therefore turn out to be an attractive used buy to many more people. To maximise your chances of speedy sales success, provide plenty of evidence of your careful ownership.

Detail the service history and get minor damage such as scuffs and kerbed wheels professionally corrected – this doesn’t cost the earth and can make a big difference. Take good quality photos, too.

Finally, make sure your price is realistic by using the Parkers car valuation tool.

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