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  • Plug-in hybrids offer the best of both worlds

    Should I buy a hybrid car?

    Hybrid technology has been around since 2000 in the UK, however you wouldn’t be alone if you’d never driven one. Although small sale volumes initially caused many to doubt the new...

  • Parkers Price Guide

    Parkers Car Price Guide

    Your indispensable guide to saving money on your next car purchase. Get the Parkers Price Guide now!   The Parkers Car Price Guide is your essential tool when out shopping for...

  • Dash camera

    What is a dash-cam?

    Dash-cams record video footage of the road ahead while you're driving, and are commonly fitted to give the driver peace of mind in the event of an incident, and to...

  • What is voice control?

    Voice control allows the driver to operate a car’s functions through speaking instructions instead of using the physical buttons on the dashboard. How does it work? In most cars where voice recognition...

  • Car repossession

    What is outstanding finance?

    Outstanding finance refers to the amount of money which is still owed on a vehicle. The registered keeper is liable for the remaining balance and the car will be owned...

  • Audi daytime running lights

    What are daytime running lights?

    Daytime running lights (or DRLs) automatically switch on with the vehicle’s engine and are designed to operate during daytime hours. They are compulsory on all newly-designed cars and most other...

  • What is cross-traffic alert?

    Cross-traffic alert uses sensors to monitor and alert drivers to any passing traffic in their blindspot when emerging out of a parking space. How does it work? When pulling out of a...

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