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Best small family estates

Estate cars don’t need to be bulky land yachts. If you’re after a station wagon that combines useful luggage space with a more compact footprint and wallet-friendly running costs then...

  • Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV

    Best cars of 2017 - UK

    Buying a brand new car is exciting. But if your new car is replaced just weeks later by a brand-new model, there’ll be a twinge of disappointment.  So what are the best...

  • Best convertible sportscars

    What better way to enjoy a day’s sunshine than from behind the wheel of an open-topped sportscar? There’s a huge array to choose from; slow, fast, cheap, expensive, four-seater, two-seater, petrol,...

  • Fiat Panda Cross small 4x4

    Best ten small economical 4x4s

    While you’re unlikely to see a tall SUV with a heavy four-wheel drive system winning awards for fuel economy, 4x4s aren’t anywhere near as expensive to run as they used...

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