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This is the Parkers guide to the best cars on sale in the UK today. Browse our lists by budget, car type and lifestyle - to find the best match for your needs

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Best estate cars for golfers

If you’re a golfer, the size of your car’s boot is vital if you want to fit your golf clubs, bags, trolley and everything else in for an 18-hole round. Standing...

  • Audi S3 Sportback - the best hot hatchbacks

    The best hot hatchbacks

    If you’re a keen driver looking for your next hot hatchback, there’s quite a list of cars to pick from.   To help you decide which one is right for you, we’ve chosen...

  • Ford Focus RS - cheap fast cars

    The best cheap fast new cars

    Performance cars don't have to be cripplingly expensive. There are plenty of examples around which cost less than you might think, both to buy and in terms of how much...

  • Mercedes-Benz SLC- best hardtop convertible cars

    The best hardtop convertibles

    Hardtop convertibles used to be a common sight – even popular hatchback models like the Ford Focus and Renault Megane got in on the action – offering all the roof-down...

  • Audi SQ5

    The best fast AND economical cars

    Performance cars are now cheaper to run than ever thanks to the choice of powerful diesel engines, cleaner turbocharged petrols and accessible hybrid technology. The best fast, economical cars Here we’ve picked...

  • Citroen C3 - small cars with big boots

    Small cars with big boots

    You need a small car to make light work of city-based driving but often these compact cars just don’t have enough space for your belongings. Or perhaps you like the...

  • Dacia Duster - best crossover cars

    The best crossover cars

    Thanks to its added fuel efficiency, manoeuvrability and sleeker looks over a full-sized SUV, the crossover has become increasingly popular over the past few years. If you like the chunky looks...

  • Toyota IQ - cheap city cars

    The best cheap city cars

    Looking for a cheap city car? Which would be best - a new Dacia Sandero or a secondhand car with a frugal but nippy three-cylinder engine? Here are our favourite...

  • Audi RS6 - best fast family saloon cars

    The best fast family cars

    Looking to buy a family saloon car? Super saloons offer four doors, five seats, a big boot and supercar-slaying performance to boot. The best family saloon cars They’re all priced around the...

  • Citroen Grand C4 Picasso - best family cars for £25k

    The best family cars for £25k

    Setting a budget is vital when you’re choosing a new car - especially when it’s for your new family.  To help you find the ideal family car, we've picked our favourites...

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