06 October 2011 by Parkers Team

  • Which is cheaper? Petrol or diesel?
  • Use our Cost of Motoring tool to compare fuel costs
  • Find out all the running costs for your chosen car

Finding ways to keep your motoring costs down should come into play before you even buy a new car.

When you are in the process of selecting a new car from the thousands of models out there one of the major factors will be the initial outlay, but also the day-to-day running costs.

So, one of the first conundrums will be whether you opt for a diesel or petrol model. Ordinarily diesels are cheaper to run because they give you better fuel economy. For example a basic 1.6 diesel Ford Focus has an official combined fuel consumption of 67.3mpg whereas the equivalent petrol model returns 47.9mpg. This should a be no-brainer surely? Go for the diesel.

However, petrol models tend to be cheaper to buy. The petrol Focus will set you back £15,880 but the diesel will cost you £17,095 – a £1,215 premium.

So, you need to know how long it would take you and how many miles you need to travel to make it worth shelling out the extra for the diesel model. You also have to factor in the pricier cost of diesel fuel too.

The arithmetic, therefore, can be tortuous, so help is hand with our Cost of Motoring tool, which lists all the cost of nearly all the new cars on the market. With a few clicks on a drop-down menu you can find out how much your annual or even monthly fuel will be. You can even compare models, so you can find out whether it’s the diesel or petrol model that makes the most financial sense.

Click here to use the Parkers Cost of Motoring tool.

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