13 September 2011 by Parkers Team

  • Plug-in Prius emits just 49g/km CO2
  • Prius+ is a seven-seat, hybrid MPV
  • Hilux and Avensis get refreshed for 2012

Toyota has is back with a bang, announcing a host of new cars and that its production has returned to normal levels following the recent earthquake.

The Japanese company's ambitious plans include launching 25 new models within two years, with hybrid models forming a major part of Toyota's new line-up.

First up is the new plug-in hybrid Prius which is claimed to deliver 49g/km CO2 and fuel consumption figures that beat 110mpg on average. What's more, the company says the car will cover about 14 miles on electric power, can be fully recharged in 90 minutes and is capable of a total range of more than 620 miles (thus removing range anxiety) with both electrical and conventional power.

Prices are still to be confirmed but the company is hoping that the Plug-in Prius will qualify for the government's £5,000 grant to bring the purchase price down.

The Prius+ is a seven-seat MPV with a hybrid powertrain, which Toyota claims will emit 99g/km CO2. The firm claims that it is the first car to offer seven seats and a hybrid powertrain. Like the plug-in hybrid it uses Lithium Ion batteries to keep weight down and free up space in the car for luggage and passengers.  

Jon Williams, Toyota UK Managing Director, said: 'There will be full UK dealer coverage to provide full customer support and service on all Toyota Hybrid models. We are also going for contract leasing deals as they tend to provide a better quality of customer who will own the car for a three year period. That helps protect our hybrid cars' residual values.'

He also confirmed that Toyota is developing full electric vehicles and even looking at an online hybrid and electric car simulator so potential customers can gain a good idea of what it is like to drive them. 

In terms of more conventional product, Toyota revealed the Avensis gets a new more dynamic look, better quality interior, improved handling and engines capable of emitting 119g/km of CO2.

The firm also confirmed its new Hilux pick-up will be launched next year with an all-new 2.5-litre diesel engine and better quality interior.

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