06 October 2011 by Parkers Team

  • Calculate your monthly fuel costs accurately and quickly
  • Cost of Motoring tool will give you a full cost breakdown
  • Compare different models’ costs

It is important when you are buying any sort of car to know exactly what you are letting yourself in for not just in terms of the ownership experience, but cost also.

So, you do need to know how much fuel your car is likely to use and what it’ll mean in terms of your monthly costs. Budgeting may be laborious, but it is necessary.

Trying to establish your projected fuel costs with a bit of simple arithmetic can be tiresome and prone to error but there's no need to worry, help is at hand.

With our Cost of Motoring tool you can work out what your fuel bill will be on your next new car. Click on the link below and use the drop-down menu for the car you have chosen. It will give you the make, model and the derivative to give you an accurate figure.

For example, if you are looking at buying a Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi 115 Titanium five-door and you reckon you’ll do about 10,000 miles a year, our Cost of Motoring tool (at the time of writing) says you will pay around £78 a month (based on the average current fuel prices in the UK).

Our Cost of Motoring tool will also tell you all the other running costs – servicing, maintenance, depreciation etc – so you can accurately budget each month for your total motoring costs.

You can also compare models’ costs if you are still undecided about what car you want to buy.

To calculate your monthly (or annual) fuel cost click here.

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