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Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0


Good looks, versatile roof and plenty of kit


Steering lacks feel, dynamics compromised


The 307CC follows on the heels of the 206CC - the first affordable convertible with a metal folding roof (previously only Mercedes-Benz and Lexus had them). It's a nifty selling point, but performance and handling suffer because of the added weight. If you're torn between a 206CC or a 307CC then the decision must come from consideration for your passengers - you can get adults in the back of a 307.

Equipment levels are quite generous, and a fully loaded one will feel like a lot of car for the money when compared to convertible rivals from executive manufacturers.

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Surprising amount of boot space, even with roof down. Read owner review

Didn't buy it for the practicality, seats 4 ok and boot is reasonable size with roof up. Read owner review

Size of boot when roof is up - it has taken a child's bicycle with stabilisers. It will also carry... Read owner review

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