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Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0


Attractive looks, plenty of kit, abundance of safety systems, frugal and strong diesel engines


Not as practical as Passat saloon, lacks real driver engagement


Formerly known as the Passat CC, the new Volkswagen CC (which confusingly stands for Comfort Coupe rather than coupe convertible) has been given sharper looks and extra kit along with the same range of economical and low-emitting diesel engines. While it isn’t as popular as the Passat Saloon and Estate models, the Volkswagen CC is still a big draw for company car drivers, while private buyers that want something a little more svelte with the four-door practicality are also appeased.

Those looking for good passenger space may have to look away though as the sloping roofline means headroom isn’t particularly great in the rear and, while boot space is still a rather large 452 litres, the steep angled rear means the actual boot opening is rather narrow and shallow. The biggest issue, however, is that this is meant to be the ‘sportier’ of the models, yet it lacks any real excitement or engagement.

Despite the minor concerns, the CC is a genuine contender to premium offerings from Mercedes-Benz and BMW while those after a good-looking coupe with a bit more usable space would be foolish not to at least consider the CC.

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