Licence Counterpart scrapped – all you need to know

  • Licence points now accessed via a website
  • A code must be passed to lenders and employers
  • Driving licence change has its critics in the industry

The industry has taken one step further to becoming a paperless society this week, with the scrapping of the paper counterpart of the licence.

Like every change to public services, it has been met with some confusion, but Parkers Vans is here to dispel the myths.

Essentially, it’s a straightforward situation; the government are getting rid of the paper part of the licence (the green counterpart) and replacing it with an online service.

Government ad reveals the axing of the paper counterpart

This means the long list of penalties and points you’ve amassed over the previous couple of years can only be accessed online, via the link provided (

For those wanting to hire or rent a van, or those working as a driver in a fleet, this information has to now be sent to the lender via a code. This code, made up of 8 digits, is obtained via the link we provided, and is valid for 72 hours.

The lender or employer types the code into their system, and provides them with the last 8 digits of your licence number (to cross check with your photo card licence) and the history of points and driving convictions (if any!).

Hiring a van may prove more tricky

Van rental


When the system went live, there was a surge in demand and it took some lenders and employers a while to access information, which lost a lot of time and money, but its expected that once the initial rush is over, normal service should begin.

However, the new system has plenty of sceptics, including the Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Vans, Steve Bridge.

“These changes represent another upheaval for the motorist, and my fear is that it will be the small business owners that are once again hit hardest”, explained Mr Bridge.

“Drivers need to remember that they must get their checking code or printable summary in advance of being asked the information. If you run a business, this is the responsibility of your driver to sort, but remember you have final responsibility if you put a driver in a company vehicle and they do not have the correct licence.

“However, it will be a short term pain for a long term gain. The money saved from scrapping the paper licence should be better spent elsewhere.”