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Parkers has been a trusted source for accurate vehicle valuations since 1972, and now offers free van and pickup valuations for online users. Our team of industry experts and pricing analysts offer a comprehensive and detailed van and pickup price guide, to help you make an informed buying decision about your next light commercial vehicle (LCV).

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  • It’s free! There are no fees and no fuss - just one of the great things we have to offer you at Parkers
  • It’s easy! Not only is our valuation tool quick to fill out, it’s super easy too! Simply select your van or pickup and get your valuation in seconds…
  • It’s detailed and specific - van and pickup pricing and valuation is available for individual years and trim levels
  • It’s mileage-adjustable - want to know the difference in price between the same van at 10,000 miles and 100,000 miles? Use our handy sliding scale to find out!
  • It’s constantly updated - every price is checked every month, to make sure we’re giving you the latest information to get you the best deal
  • Knowledge is power - work out the optimum time to buy or sell your van or pickup using the Parkers van valuation tool

Used Vans Price Guide

Private Sale - the price you should expect to pay if buying from (or selling as) a private person rather than a dealer

Trade-in - the price you should expect to get from a dealer when part-exchanging (trading in) your van or pickup against a new one

Cash Price - the price you pay if buying your van or pickup using a single lump sum (as with cash) rather than on finance. This is also useful for gauging the value of finance deals (compare the total price with the cash price for guidance).

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Whether you’re buying or selling, use the free van and pickup valuation tool on Parkers to make sure you’re getting a great deal. It’s the quick and easy way to know if you’re about to pay too much - or sell for too little.

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Want to know how much your van or pickup is worth? The free Parkers valuation tool can answer that question in a few simple clicks. Just enter your registration number to get started.

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Whether you need to know the value because you’re selling, part-exchanging or updating your insurance, the free Parkers valuation tool offers quick and easy pricing for any van or pickup.

Factors that could increase your van's value

  • Extra features
  • Security features
  • Plain colours - Given the easy availability of total vehicle wrapping services these days, the colour of the paint on a van or pickup isn’t as critical as it once was. But suffice to say, garish colours are much more likely to put buyers off than attract them, and plain old white remains the most popular choice. White van man (and woman) isn’t dead yet.
  • Complete service history - A van or pickup with good evidence of service history will always be worth more than one that doesn’t have any, as it shows the vehicle has been carefully looked after. Keep those service books, MoTs and receipts.
  • Low Mileage - Having the lowest mileage possible can notably increase your van’s value, so if you’re considering a new model, it’s best to make a decision and move quickly. You can use the Parkers valuation tool to check the difference in value mileage makes on individual LCVs.
  • Condition - Dented panels, scraped bumpers, kerbed alloy wheels, stained seats, all these things will reduce your van or pickup’s value. If you want the best possible price when selling second hand, consider getting minor damage corrected before advertising - so-called ‘smart repairs’ can be very cost-effective

Things that can decrease your van's value

  • Sign writing - Sign writing is a great way of advertising your business, but no used buyer will be interested in helping you with that. Remove your old livery before advertising it for sale if you want the best price. If there’s a difference in the paint as a result, consider getting the van professionally polished.
  • Van lining - Lining the inside of the load space is a great way of protecting your investment from life’s little accidents, but a lined van may only appeal to used buyers if the lining is in good condition. If it’s badly damaged or stained you may be better removing it and revealing the van’s pristine painted surfaces underneath instead.
  • Van racking - Like lining, racking can be a big selling point if it’s in good condition, saving the next owner the expense of getting it fitted. But not all used buyers want a van with racking, and not all racking suits every business, so you may be limiting your market. And if it’s badly damaged you’re better off taking it out.
  • High Mileage - Generally speaking, the higher the mileage, the less a van or pickup will be worth. To a certain extent this can be offset by good service history (see above), but if you’re considering a new model, don’t wait too long. If you do have to wait a while, be in the know - try our van and pickup valuation tool to check the difference in value mileage makes on your vehicle so you understand what each mile will cost you.