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We're here to help you choose and purchase your next car, and make it as easy and enjoyable as possible in plain English. We review all of the current cars you can buy now, and work with a number of partners to supply you the best and most information on valuations, as well as access the best car buying and leasing services for you.

Choose your perfect car with the help of our industry-leading reviews, then visit our leasing pages for special offers, as well as visit the regularly-updated Dealwatch page for the latest deals.

Hope you enjoy your stay with us, and if you want to know more about what it is that makes Parkers so special, please keep reading.

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BMW 3 Series vs Audi A4 vs Mercedes-Benz C-Class - Parkers tells you which is best

Parkers was established in 1972 as a monthly car valuation 'book' to help car buyers get the best price for their trade-in – or help them find their next one by providing an industry-trusted valuation. It started out small, but today Parkers is the UK’s biggest car reviews and advice website, according to independent website analyst organisation, Comscore.

Parkers provides hundreds of thousands of valuations to the general public every month, but offers so much more – providing more than 1,500 car reviews, including the most comprehensive ones you'll find for the 450-plus new-car model ranges on sale today. There are also tools to help buyers choose the best cars that are right for them for the best price possible.

Whether you're researching new or used car reviews, want a valuation for your next one, or need help and advice buying, selling or running your next one, Parkers can help. You can even put a new car on your drive by picking one up via our leasing partner, Zen Auto.

Car valuations

Parkers has been valuing cars since 1972, and our team of independent experts visits hundreds of car dealers and auctions every month to come to its industry-trusted valuations for thousands of cars. In an average year, Parkers monitors around 1,500,000 used car sales — that’s around 4,100 used car sales every day.

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Car finance

Parkers is the only UK car website that has a dedicated full-time finance editor whose job it is to save you money by seeking out the best deals in both cash and monthly-payment terms. We publish a Deal Watch page, which is updated on a weekly basis – and it's packed with the best prices for all cars, from the cheapest city car to top-end supercars.

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Car reviews

The Parkers team of experts spends a great deal of time and effort of time evaluating every new car on sale in the UK

The Parkers team of experts drive all the cars on sale in the UK and have a combined experience of more than 100 years to be qualified to make definitive judgments on them. We test all our cars rigorously to come to definitive conclusions. In essence we can tell you whether we would advise a car or not – the basic question that we always answer is, 'should you buy this car'?

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Parkers New Car Awards

Every year, Parkers names its most recommended cars in a number of categories and market sectors that are tailored to reflect what real people actually want from their cars. We've been running our awards since 2017, and have already established a reputation for choosing cars based on the needs of buyers.

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Vans and pickups

As well as cars, Parkers has a very comprehensive vans and pickups section, which has a dedicated editor to bring you all the latest news, reviews and advice. We give all our commercial vehicle reviews the same level or rigour as the cars – and you can be confident that it's good if we're recommending it.

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New and used cars for sale

At Parkers you can browse more than 250,000 used cars for sale, and search for the best one based on where you live, what type of car type you want, and what your budget is. We have tools to help you decide what's best for you based on how you use your car.

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Parkers tests cars against rivals to ensure we're recommending the best for you