Top 5 large vans for 2015

  • Large vans is one of the fastest growing LCV segments in 2015
  • Every vehicle has been updated over the past two years
  • We examine all aspects to give you the Top 5 large panel vans

Large panel vans represent one of the fastest growing LCV segments, with sales up 24.3 percent so far this year. Every vehicle in the segment has been modified in some way over the past two years so we’ve taken the opportunity to re-familiarise operators with large vans.

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5 – Renault Master

Renault Master review

In terms of driving characteristics, the Renault Master is probably the worst of all the large panel vans with niggly squeaks and rattles, a harsh ride and lots of road noise. However, there are plenty of practical benefits; the four-year, 100,000 mile warranty and payload (up to 1,684kg; read Best large vans for payload) are both best in class and the 2014 update introduced DAB radio, Hill Start Assist and ESC with Grip Xtend fitted as standard. Grip Xtend is a traction control system that provides extra grip on rough or low-grip surfaces.

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4 – Fiat Ducato

Fiat Ducato review

We widely regard the Fiat Ducato as the most underrated van in the sector. Not only is it comfortable to drive, the Fiat Ducato is by far the most fuel efficient in its class and the maximum payload, of 1,640kg, is also one of the best. The 2014 refresh added DAB radio with Bluetooth connectivity and MP3 playback, Hill Holder, Electronic Brake Assist and Load and Centre of Gravity Detection (LAC) as standard. LAC is a system that takes into consideration the loading condition of the vehicle and ensures the stability control system (DSC) is then applied accordingly.

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3 – Iveco Daily

Iveco Daily review

In third place is the Iveco Daily. Traditionally, sales of the Iveco Daily have been poor, due to the Iveco truck dealerships proving both rare and hard to find, the Daily’s historic problems with rust and its extremely low payload. The latter two problems have since been rectified, and Iveco is hoping that the latest model, introduced in 2014, will be able to increase sales and market share in a competitive segment.

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2 – Ford Transit

Ford Transit

The Ford Transit has been the most popular van in the UK since 1965, but this looks set to change this year. There isn’t half the derivatives offered on the 2014 model, compared with the previous generation, and the payload has taken a huge hit. It makes number two though through its great driving, reliability (read Most Reliable Vans of 2014), well-appointed cab, low running costs, helpful aftersales support and wide availability.

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1 – Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Despite having a poor payload (maximum payload of 1,478kg at 3.5t), the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter tops our charts for a number of key customer requirements. The Sprinter is great to operate with a commanding seating position, good ride and handling, and plenty of storage spaces. The Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle dealer network offers the most comprehensive aftersales support, and the price of parts isn’t too expensive either.

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